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can they stop making new iPhones and develop a small device that creates whatever food you want in 2 seconds


It shouldn’t be called meet and greet it should be called pay and hey


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1. Your body is in flux for the rest of your life. Think of your body as fluid instead of static — it’s always going to change. So get comfortable with those changes.

2. No one will love you or not love you because of your body. You are lovable because you’re you, not because your body looks a certain way.

3. The most intensely personal relationship you’ll ever have is with your body. It’s a lifelong relationship that’s well worth investing in and nurturing the same way you would with loved ones.

4. You don’t owe your body to anyone. Not sexually, not aesthetically. Your body is yours. Period.

5. What someone else says about your body says more about them than it does about you. Look past the actual snark to the person who’s saying it, because it’s only a reflection of what they think of themselves. That’s when you’ll see how little power their words have.

6. Your body is not a reflection of your character. It’s a physical home for the complex and wondrous and unique being that is you.

7. Take up as much space as you want. You don’t have to be small, or quiet, or docile, regardless of your physical size.

8. Everything you need to accept your body is already inside you. There’s no book, or diet, or workout routine or external affirmation that you need to feel good about your body right now.

9. Your body is a priority. It’s always trying to tell you things. Taking the time to listen to is of the utmost importance.

10. Wear whatever you want. Your body shape does not dictate your personal style, and fashion rules that say otherwise are wrong. Dress yourself in a way that makes you feel happy and confident and beautiful, because guess what? You are.

--Ami Angelowicz and Winona Dimeo-Ediger  (via fragolle)


People from my past who are looking terrible lately give me life


the difference between pizza and your opinion is that i asked for pizza.

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January: sexuality/preferences
February: city/state
March: favourite colour
April: favourite hair colour & favourite
eye colour
May: favourite manga & favourite anime
June: favourite book
July: favourite song/band
August: crush names
September: instruments I play/ want to play
October: favourite game
November: if I changed my name, what would it be
December: random fact about me :)

It’s a list of supernaturals in Beacon Hills. It’s a dead pool. And we’re all on it.

make me choose: anonymous asked me sheriff stilinski or melissa mccall?

dyleon asked me melissa x sheriff or melissa x agent mccall?


“you’re like a son to me”

“dad, i am your son”

pretty important


Okay so I was only aware that this morning we lost someone on Tumblr that was a dear blog to so many others on here, reading peoples messages has literally broken my heart and I wish I knew because I could of tried anything to talk to her. 

I have a “you” page on my blog that is labelled on my sidebar for you and if you click on it I have spent many hours looking up links and creating this page in case any one here needs any sort of advice or help or cheering up.

I’m honestly not doing this for any sort of promotion, but if you could reblog this post so we can get more people to know that there are still ways to reach out for help when they think nobody cares or their mutuals aren’t awake to help them. We can’t lose more beautiful humans due to suicide because they believe they are alone.

I’ve checked every link I’ve put and have sorted them out in a neat and easy way for you to access without a hassle. I just really hope it comes in use for people! Knowing someone decided to talk to me about their issues or going on one of those links to seek help instead of harm themselves will literally make me the happiest person ever.


The page includes hotlines, chats with volunteers and professionals, alternatives, music playlists, videos, stories of similar issues to read and moreee. I’ll link you it because I am nice: click here to visit “you” page.


i have no interest in small talk tell me about ur childhood and what ur parents are like and how many siblings u have and if u are afraid of death or if u believe in an afterlife and what ur favorite movie is and if u like romantic comedies or horror movies or action movies and what kind of music u like and why and tell me the bands or artists u loved in middle school but are too ashamed to admit to anyone else

An entire pack of alphas went after McCall, and he was the one left standing.